Ginger Love!!

So, I have always been in love with the flavors of ginger…ginger candies, too. They were GREAT for morning sickness. I love to have it around but I would always forget and then I’d have this shriveled, moldy lump in my drawer that I felt ashamed for wasting. The other day, though, I read that you could actually freeze ginger and never have to waste it again.



Simple as can be. Just peel it and cut it into smaller bites so you can just grab how much you want whenever you need it. Throw a lid on it and pop it in the freezer. Done. I think the biggest pain was peeling it and that’s kind of an inevitable thing.

Last night for dinner, I made a whole chicken in the crock pot. It’s a weekly thing, now, since I’ve decided to start making perpetual soup( I just make sure I really load up my chicken and I stuff it with onions, herbs, gerlic and carrots so that it’s almost all set for when you go to make your broth. I literally just keep the chicken in the crock pot and cut off what we eat for dinner and then fill it to the top with water, add any extra pieces of onion or veggies that I have laying around, grind a few rounds of my black pepper mill and toss in bay leaves. Turn it on low and it’s ready to eat by lunch time the next day. I was SO happy to have broth this morning, since it had been quite a few days since the last time I had some on hand and fresh.


My sexy chick pre-cooking. It you love broth, I totally recommend giving perpetual broth a whirl!!


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