Lemon Pepper Chicken

HONESTLY, I have no photo of last night’s dinner because we literally attacked it. Claws out. I just want to mention to the low sodium eaters, this is such a delicious idea and it’s SO freaking simple and easy. Like, you can be the worst cook ever and you can’t really fail at this unless you crank up the temp on your pans and scorch it.

Super Lemon Pepper Chicken

1lb chicken

3 lemons

1/2 tbsp pepper + additional(I use fresh cracked on a medium grain)

egg whites(to cover chicken, I used from a carton so I can’t give a number)

1/2 c panko crumbs

1/2 c whole wheat bread crumbs(plain)

Short list! Easy peasy!  Put some oil of your choice in your pan(s),I used olive oil, and turn the heat to medium.  I like to cut my chicken into smaller bite size pieces so I can capitalize on the  crunch factor and place in a bowl with egg whites. Toss to coat all of the chicken. In another bowl, add panko, bread crumbs and pepper and mix. When the pan is hot, toss your chicken in the panko mix and then put straight into the pan. Do not over crowd your chicken, it will make it a bit slower to cook and also, you won’t get that nice brown crunchy goodness because chicken actually releases moisture while cooking. I used two pans just so they could finish at the same time. While your chicken getting beautiful and brown on the first side, juice your lemons, separate the seeds from the juice(durr, right?) and then pour the juice right into the pans your chicken is getting delicious in. Give it a swirl and make sure the juice gets to every pan. If your lemons are making much lemon, give them a roll on the counter beforehand and if needed, just grab a few more. You want a good coating across the bottom of the pan. Also, give your pepper grinder a few turns before you flip your chicken…If you lemon juice simmers out before you flip, just add a little more after if you want. It’s your dinner, make it how YOU like it!

If you cut your chicken into smaller slices like myself, the chicken will cook very quickly and then you can panic and run around because you forgot to pick a side dish!! (YAY frozen peas!!)

It’s a perfect dish for someone who is watching their sodium, as long as you check your labels for your bread crumbs…You would be amazed at how much sodium they can put in a container. Also, check the panko crumbs. CHECK EVERYTHING!! It’ll blow your mind!


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