Rainy Days and Comfort Foods

I love my comfort foods. It makes me SO happy to have some of my favorite dishes.

One of my odder comfort foods is shepherd’s pie. My mother was never much of a cook and one of my best friend’s mothers would actually make this. Between the shepherd’s pie and the amazing Italian dishes she made, she was one of my favorite parental units!!

Recently, I started making it on my own, especially after getting the Harry Potter cookbook. I have recently started putting a little spin on it, to increase nutritional value and to avoid putting on the oven, since it’s seriously too hot in the summer.


I basically make my Shepherd’s Pie a Shepherd’s Skillet meal. I start an onion, brown my meat, add the spices and broth with tomato paste and let it all simmer and sink in, then grate cheese over top of it. While this is going, I make brown rice on the side, so we can replace the less nutrient filled potatoes.Image

Yes, this blog is taking too long to write because I am eating this.

Most recipes say to add a tbsp of flour or however…but I just skip that step and let it simmer down on it’s own…It absorbs all of the flavor and you can keep your meal gluten free!!


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