Life has been…

SO extreme lately. After 3 hospitalizations in 3 days, Mr McDorkin finally seems to have his blood pressure under control. Now if only his PVCs would stop.

I haven’t been cooking much. Or sleeping, either. Life has been too hectic. My house is a hot mess and I’m finally trying to get back into the swing of things. In the middle of this, of course, was my oldest son’s birthday. I wanted to make all of the pizzas and cake from scratch but I couldn’t. I tried…I even tried boxed cake mix, for the first time in ages…and I ruined it. I reheated food one day and managed to burn it.

I can’t believe how much stress I was under!!

Right now, we are just trying to enjoy every day and be as healthy as possible. I opened up my big mouth and got Mr McDorkin’s doctor to change up his medicine and that seems to have been the best thing ever, since he actually called me super excited yesterday to tell me that his blood pressure was 122/77. Much better than the 175/110 he was in the hospital with.


Mr McDorkin ‘watching’ tv with a laundry basket on his head and a bus in his teeth

We managed to keep up eating as healthy as possible in the circumstances, other than the birthday party which was a Publix birthday cake and a Pizza Hut buffet…Hey, I cut up watermelon and strawberries…Can’t burn those.

Slowly getting back into the swing of cooking has been fun. I’ve had to be creative since we didn’t really have the time to go grocery shopping for a pretty long period of time.


A zucchini and chicken lasagna. I don’t know where it came from, I guess seeing some yummy lasagnas out there and using zucchini instead of pasta. Also, there is no cheese. I just layered sliced zucchini, shredded carrots, chopped onions, bite sized chicken slices, diced tomatoes and basil. I topped it with extra basil, black pepper and garlic. I baked it in the oven for an hour, covered with foil. I like that it wasn’t overly tomato-y. I think if I used a marinara instead of the diced tomatoes it may have been more lasagna-like but I really enjoyed it this way. I served it over top of brown rice pasta and I was pretty delighted when I realized the veggies were so crunchy still!!

(The only sodium in this is whatever they pump into the chicken and if you get diced tomatoes canned with salt in them)


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