I better not eat my Wheaties.

“Wheat and milk: The main allergic response to wheat and casein in milk products is possible brain inflammation, which can cause hostility.”


Oh. I thought I was making it up when I was mentally tying my ailments to wheat.  I had been dipping back into my wheat eating ways. Of course, nothing like before, but I was more lenient about what I ate.

I soon started to correlate my relationship with my family and how I would seem to explode, mentally, after eating wheat. It didn’t seem so obvious at times, especially since it seems like my gut has healed a lot since quitting gluten for a while, but emotionally and maybe even physically, in over ways, I was being effected by this. Each time, though, I caught myself at the end of the night, having a melt down. Uncontrolled rage and crankiness, basically. Last night I was ready to cry because my almost 2 year old wanted me to go insane and was torturing me on purpose.

Now I don’t know if my link is exactly what is quoted above or if it’s related to the fact that wheat can cause spikes in your blood sugar and then crashes. Something in it, either way, is making me an emotional roller coaster and I think I am going to switch back to eating as gluten-free as I can manage.

And let me tell you, when I was making cornbread muffins for my little one day, I wanted to scream when I flipped it over and wheat was the first ingredient.  I know I can’t be perfect about it, but I want to not feel like that ever again and now, after those weeks without gluten, I feel like I know what clarity is actually like. It’s beautiful.


1 thought on “I better not eat my Wheaties.

  1. This is exactly how I feel. I just found out that I have Celiac Disease. It explains so much in my life and I can’t believe I did not know sooner. However, I feel amazing and alive for the first time in years. I will never look back. Maybe once, to stick out my tongue and wave bye-bye to gluten. 🙂
    Feel better!

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