Grilled Bananas

Seriously, I must have had my thumb up my butt for a while because I’ve never heard of or thought to try making grilled bananas. This is coming from a girl who LOVES herself some tostones and sweet plaintains. LOVE! So, when I was flitting about on Pinterest and I saw a post on this, my eyes grew into saucers.

I read a few “recipes” and tips on how to make them so I decided to throw some stuff together and get a little creative.

I started off with two bananas. I didn’t wanna go overboard since this was a first time and I wasn’t sure how the kids would like it. They love bananas but kids think any slight change to anything is means for stoning.  I had just bought these green ‘ol bananas. I think they make sure the organic ones are extra green so that people eat the pesticides.  ANYWAYS, I cleaned them, patted dry and then cut the ends off, just so it looked a little more uniform. I, then, carefully cut the bananas down the middle.

This is where I got a little creative. First, I brushed some coconut oil on my cast iron pan and grabbed one of the baby’s bowls. I put in about a tbsp agave nectar, tsp cocoa powder, 1/4 tsp apple pie spice and mixed it into a watery paste. I got my brush and coated the inside of the banana in these amazing concoction.

I arranged the bananas in my pan, which I had heated to medium, insides down. I let them sit about 5 minutes and then flipped them onto the peel side and cooked an additional 5 minutes. I then carefully removed them and placed them on a place, insides gloriously up. I think the most important part of this is having a well oiled and well heated pan so that you get that lush sear of the sugars.

The ‘meat’ of the banana was so soft and sweet. The choco-cinnamon flavor really popped. I think the hardest part was peeling the banana out of the half peel…I think I broke every one of them, so if you want to serve these, I’d say keep them in the peel and let the guest deal with the problem!



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