Romantic or Genius?


I HATE cutting up onions. I always have had sensitive eyes and onion cutting has been just plain old fashioned sucked. I’m the girl who won’t touch eye drops because the stinging pain is just too much for me to handle. I have seriously, stupidly sensitive eyes.

I’ve tried a few things, like wearing glasses while getting chop happy. Not always working. Cold onion? Doesn’t matter. I remember when I watched The Help and she said to hold a match between your teeth while cutting an onion, I wanted to run and get a notepad. I haven’t tried it since we don’t keep matches around the house. BUT I did hear about another thing to try.

Simply, light a candle. The flame pulls the gas that the onion emits while being cut. It no longer dances up to your pretty eyes. You, of course, want to keep the candle as close to the onion as you can comfortably manage.

You no longer finish cutting your onion, believing you have magically dodged the onion bullet and then 10 seconds later you are grasping the counter and drowning in your tears.  Sometimes I still get a little tickle in the eyeball but it’s definitely not as close to the pain I would have before.


I haven’t been updating very often because I have been trying to get back to balancing life after my in-laws left. It’s always a hard adjustment because the baby wants to hang on me all day and wants every ounce of my attention, while I am back to being a taxi cab and personal servant.

ALSO, I have started exercising again!!  I am on day 4 of bodyrocking.  I followed them for about 2 months earlier this year, before Mr McDorkins became sick and was hospitalized, at which point I didn’t work out because I just couldn’t. Now, though, I am back to it. Last time I successfully lost inches like a mad lady and built so much muscle, I felt Herculean!!


Date Night

Since Mr McDorkins parents are in town, they’ve deemed that we need to go out on dates. Last night, I wanted to come up with a unique idea, since usually our date night consists of Epcot and gorging on anything we can grab. As Baby McDorkins played in the shower, with the pressure on low and a ton of cups, I sat on the toilet and looked up “orlando fl date night”. I actually found a few blogs where people write about their dates in the area and what they thought of them.

My interest meter went up when I saw there was a place to take a culinary lesson. $70. Each. To cook your own food. Ummmmm…The meal they described… you could make it for a fraction of the price. AND I’d much rather sit on my butt, pay half and have someone serve it to me.

The next thing I saw was SO perfect. Chocolate making. I have been craving chocolate with every cell of my body lately!! I called and made a reservation right away!  Since it the address included a suite number, I figured we could walk to a restaurant and back to the shop for dinner. Plus, I was sort of familiar with the area and I knew there was everything under the sun, concentrated.

The chocolate making is at a sort of weird time, 7pm to 9pm. So, we left the house early and since neither of us had a real lunch, we were pretty happy to get our eat on. It was pretty easy to locate and at first we drove along looking at the neighboring businesses and parked so we could look at menus and such.

After walking all the way passed where we began, we decided on Greek Flame Taverna. They had the music cranked up and it looked immaculate inside. We ordered some sparkling water and chose our meals.

The food was really yummy. My dish, the grouper, shrimp and scallops was a little less flavorful than I’d have liked, but it let me enjoy the flavors of each item.  The side dishes were also unbelievable.

We loitered, I drank a hot tea and then we walked over to the chocolate shop. We were a couple minutes early but the guy working there was very nice and showed me where the bathroom was(too much hot tea and seltzer!!) and told us we could sit where we would like. Then we waited a few minutes for the other couple that had a reservation.  They were still tardy so he went on with the demo.

I was wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, watching him. I marched in front of the ingredients like I wanted to be professional about this. Then, we got to work. Peanut butter cups, coconut, nutella, almonds, macadamia, truffles, cookies covered in chocolate and chocolate molds. So. Much. Fun.

It started at 7pm and we left shortly before 9pm.  It was only $29 per couple, 1lb of chocolate comes free and any additional that you make, they charge you a reduced price. We made about 2lbs of chocolate and the cost came to about $46 all together.


The website of this chocolate shop is

We went to the Dr Phillips location. I believe all of the locations are central to Orlando, Florida.


A recent purchase of a sifter and a zester have made me way too excited. Serious marmalade making will be upon me. Especially in the winter when all of the neighborhood citrus trees become heavy with fruit!!


There is always so much to buy to have the perfect little kitchen. My next purchase is going to be a smaller sized cast iron pan. I have a larger one but I want a smaller one for eggs and such. I’m crazy for cast iron.

After that, a more expensive buy will be a toaster oven. I think I will empty some stuff out of here with a yard sale and then use the money for it, especially since I want to get rid of this bread box..errrr I mean microwave.

If I had the money, I’d buy a lovely stand up mixer. I would probably be able to make a few things quite a bit easier, but I won’t cry over it, since I haven’t been mixing much as of late. Though, I’ve been dreaming of one since I was young. I just can’t get over the hundreds of dollars it costs to purchase one. I’m so frugal 😀

What future items do you plan to get for your kitchen? Do you have a dream item that you would just LOVE to buy but are afraid to spend the money on?

Almond milk AND shower bombs…

I am obviously trying to distract myself from cleaning the house.

We’ve been giving everything a shake down, since the in-laws will be here in a few days. Mostly everything is clean but I’m just so tired of cleaning that I’ve decided to fill my day with random creations.  Hmmm…I do need to make some bread…

We can start with the shower bombs. SUPER freaking easy. I saw it on Pinterest, read some comments and went from there.

1 cup baking soda

1/3 cup water

mix these two into a paste and then put in cupcake liners, if you have the ones with aluminum on the outside, you don’t need a cupcake pan.  I used my pan with just the plain paper liners. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes. When it’s done, let cool and then add a few drops of essential oils. I did a blend of eucalyptus, lavender and tea tree. I haven’t used one yet since I literally just did this but I am really excited to try it out. Especially now that allergies have invaded my face.

I’ve been drinking almond milk for a few months now. I’m totally grossed out by cow’s milk and what it may or may not contain. I seriously have trust issues with what I eat and knowing what is in it. Almond milk, has something I had never heard of it in, carrageenan. No thank you. Google it.

Seriously, what is easier than water and almonds to make almond milk?  If I could buy almonds in bulk, I think it would be much more worth it.

Simply measure out a cup of almonds, put it in a bowl and add a few cups of water. In the morning, strain your almonds, place them in a blender or processor with 3 cups of water and let’er rip.  Once it’s done, pour the almond and water into a strainer lined with cheesecloth to get all of the almond meal you created out.

I let it sit for about 10 minutes, then I grabbed the cheesecloth from the top and twisted it closed, pressing the liquid out and into the bowl. Keep twisting to increase the pressure or get bored doing it and hold the top closed while you squeeze the crap out of the meal.

Once I was all done, I poured the almond milk into the container and the meal into a mason jar. The almond milk does have some separation, but just giving it a shake will fix that. No lazy bones in the kitchen!!

This yielded about 2 3/4 cups of almond milk. I don’t drink a ton so that is a fine amount for my personal use. I put a smidge in my morning coffee and it was SO amazing. I also put a bit of the almond meal in my oatmeal and I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed it!! Yay for almonds. This is good for about 4 days and make sure your container has a tight seal because you will need to mix it.

/Almond dance