A recent purchase of a sifter and a zester have made me way too excited. Serious marmalade making will be upon me. Especially in the winter when all of the neighborhood citrus trees become heavy with fruit!!


There is always so much to buy to have the perfect little kitchen. My next purchase is going to be a smaller sized cast iron pan. I have a larger one but I want a smaller one for eggs and such. I’m crazy for cast iron.

After that, a more expensive buy will be a toaster oven. I think I will empty some stuff out of here with a yard sale and then use the money for it, especially since I want to get rid of this bread box..errrr I mean microwave.

If I had the money, I’d buy a lovely stand up mixer. I would probably be able to make a few things quite a bit easier, but I won’t cry over it, since I haven’t been mixing much as of late. Though, I’ve been dreaming of one since I was young. I just can’t get over the hundreds of dollars it costs to purchase one. I’m so frugal 😀

What future items do you plan to get for your kitchen? Do you have a dream item that you would just LOVE to buy but are afraid to spend the money on?


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