rosemary, garlic, black pepper olive oil infusion
a super quick, cheap, and easy way to liven up your kitchen and your cooking!!



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I’ll eat you, my pretties….

and the bowls of fruit, too…

My menu for Thanksgiving?

I am making a pumpkin pie for my mother’s Thanksgiving lunch, that accounts for one pumpkin.

For my Thanksgiving dinner we will be having turkey, garlic mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, sauteed green beans, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin cobbler with walnut crumble and maybe biscuits.  I haven’t finalized anything but I will be taking photos.

The pumpkin cobbler will utilize the other 2 pumpkins and was a new addition when we went out to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes the other day and had their version there. Instant love.

Potatoes Make the World Go ‘Round


The weather has been absolutely lush in Central Florida lately.  We’ve been sitting in the high 70’s and this weekend it will drop down to 70 when a cold front moves through.  I think there isn’t much better than a quiet morning, with the windows open, feeling a nice breeze and having a savory breakfast, just full of flavors you can’t help but to take your time and taste it all.

Fried red potato, with evoo and butter, in my cast iron pan. Onion, garlic and bite sized bacon add major flavor to an already delicious base and a lightly scrambled egg, still slightly runny on top of this delicious mountain give this breakfast more dynamic, as the egg’s finish is more creamy. To finish it off, fresh cracked black pepper and pink himalayan salt. Tastes awesome with a little java!