Two Dinners, One Post

DSC_0501I picked just a few lemons and grapefruits off of the trees behind my house and my neighbor’s as you can see here.  Since I had so many lemons I figured I’d choose my next Pinterest dish, Pan Roasted Chicken and Lemon Garlic Green Beans.  I pretty much followed it line for line, including using the cast iron pan, against what I thought was proper(I’ve read that acidic foods should be left out of cast iron pans).  It was pretty easy to get into the pan and I popped it in the oven(with a aluminum tent since my thighs were skinless and I didn’t want them to be completely dried out).

Honestly, it wasn’t a popular dish.  My hubs said it was lemony but it didn’t get me set for the pucker factor that came with my first bite of the beans.  It was overwhelming and I had that really pretty face where you squeeze your eyes really tight and your lips are peeled back.  The chicken tasted great and the potatoes were in between.  Also, we were left with a terrible taste in our mouths all night afterwards because the cast iron pan left a nice metallic aftertaste that was pretty nasty.

I would say, I would try this again, but instead of the cast iron pan, I’d probably just throw it in a glass pan and maybe just throw some butter on the bottom rather than the left over juice and olive oil.  I think the beans cooking in the left over juices just made it way too intense.DSC_0505

Tonight, I dug around for that pretty little eggplant I picked up at the store and started on a more labor intensive dish–the hubs got off of work at noon so I had the time.

Eggplant Involtini

I followed this recipe pretty much spot on, except I used dried thyme.  I used a whole very small lemon and sadly I don’t have a mandoline, so it was a lot harder to get the eggplant sliced evenly.  I thought it was a little much to fry the eggplant in the oil, it gave it a nice taste but I think next time I try this, I may try the recommendation to bake the sliced eggplant, 5 minutes each side, lightly oiled.  Of course, after the dinner of lemon-y delight, all Mr McDorkins could taste was the bit of lemon juice in the ricotta filling.  I enjoyed it, the texture sort of reminded me of ravioli.DSC_0508 DSC_0509eggplant involtini with shaved parmesan cheese over whole wheat spaghetti


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