My heart goes out to the families and friends of all of the students and teachers involved in the shooting today.  My heart also goes out to the shooter’s surviving family.

It, naturally, is all mind boggling and it breaks my heart that this young man didn’t have the mental help that he needed.  I don’t understand how taking whatever it was that triggered this out on a class full of 5 year olds, even if your target is at the head of this class could make sense, but this obviously does not make sense.

I moved from Danbury, CT just a year and a half ago so this does hit me close to home. My father-in-law is healing from a heart surgery performed yesterday and is in the i.c.u. of Danbury Hospital, where shot children were brought to fight for their lives and sadly didn’t survive.   A hospital that is less than 5 minutes of a car ride from where I used to live and where I gave birth to my youngest son.

My husband was texting friends and family who have children in the school, reading updates on facebook where friends from all around were not allowed to get their children out of school because they were still uncertain if the shooter acted alone.  We even were given the update that they were looking for a van filled with guys dressed as nuns who were armed and dangerous.  It was calamity and sitting and watching and waiting was unbelievably stressful.  Luckily no one we know was directly effected, no children we know were lost.  Sadly, this is not the case for too many people today.

I’ve been to Newtown, CT, having breakfast with friends and laughing. The car ride… my eyes were full of beautiful and charismatic houses.  A beautiful town filled with mom and pop shops was the setting of this tragedy.  A town that had only 1 violent event reported in all of 2010.  Not quite the sort of town were you would imagine such a tragedy to unfold.

This will be a very sad holiday season.  I can only offer condolences from here and hope.


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