Baked Apple Pie Egg Rolls

During my week of Pinterest recipes, I had chosen a dessert to make.  Sadly, I had bought the egg roll wrappers without checking the date on them and I was unable to make them since I don’t like taking that chance while feeding young kids.

ANYWAYS, the baked apple pie eggrolls were a SMASH!  I thought they were very simple to make, the hardest part being wrapping them in the egg roll wrappers. I took step by step photos to share for people who need help.

DSC_0004start by laying your egg roll out in a diamond shape, place the filling inside and then brush the edges with egg washDSC_0005

roll the bottom edge up, give it a squeeze and make sure it’s firmDSC_0006

bring your left side in and make sure it seals, repeat with the right side–you can change it up, it doesn’t matter which side happens first…just make sure your edges have a seal, adding extra egg wash if you feel more comfortableDSC_0007

roll your yumminess up towards the top point and then flip it so you can see the edges–seal with egg wash and then place on the baking sheet, seal side downDSC_0008 DSC_0018

I am not sure why but it seems as if my blog wants to make my words into links REALLY badly.  I guess it gives it some color.

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