One month already?

I am closing in on a month without meat, other than seafood and shellfish.  Sounds fancy, right?  It’s been much easier than I thought it could be. Keeping fish in my diet has definitely made the transition from eating meat every day a whole helluva lot easier than if I went cold turkey vegetarian.  I’ve decided that I want to try and keep on this route and if I decide to have meat here and there I won’t beat myself up, but I really don’t want it.  Though I think if we went out and got chicken wings I’d probably need a bib and someone to stop me once my buttons start to pop.

My go-to items for the month were salmon and shrimp since they are the items I have the most experience with.  Tacos, soups, baked, sauteed, etc.  I’ve been more than satisfied and I haven’t had that super gross feeling I typically have after eating chicken or red meat that is almost like trying to digest a cinder block.

Here are a couple of photos, one from a few days ago and one from what I am making right now:


salmon made in the cast iron pan topped with bok choy sauteed with onions and ponzu sauce and steamed vegetables


shrimp broth ready to simmer in my crock pot for dinner tonight and shrimp in a marinade in the background, they will swim in lemon juice and soy sauce until it’s time to add them to the soup


Now if only they had recipes for cooking these little guys who sneak into my house.(I’m kidding!!  I couldn’t eat one of these cutie pies <3)


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