Yesterday, we had decided to work on the yard.  While I was weeding in the front yard, my husband was attacking poisonous spiders that were hiding along our car port.  We were very successful, including busting out the weed whacker and trimming up one set of palm trees.

In other news, while I was kneeling and pulling weeds, I heard two young boys, around 11 or 12, making all of this racket– screeching and hollering.  They were on their bikes and slowly pedaling up the road towards me.  As they closed in, I heard the one boy say to the other, “I beatbox like a pro, you beatbox like my mom.”  To which his friend laughed and said that his friend was funny.  My heart then proceeded to shatter when the first boy started to “beatbox” in a manner that make me think of the ever horrifying Skrillex.

I feel so sorry for this generation of children growing up that have absolutely NO idea of what beatboxing really is and if they ride by making that noise again, I may push their bikes over.


Super Simple Side


Super Simple Side

  1. Slice and dice a zucchini, make fun shapes, whatever you like
  2. Cut up red onion(about a 1/4 amount of the zucchini)
  3. Rip up or chop fresh basil
  4. Add two tbsp of lemon juice
  5. Salt and pepper to taste
  6. Mix & eat

It is refreshing. The red onion and basil give it immense flavor. I think it is my new favorite summer side dish AND it makes a great topper for a burger!


Today I’ve started purchasing the items I will be using in my upcoming posts for homemade, natural cleaners and beauty products.  I am trying to stick to recipes that have similar ingredients making the start up cost a little less of a kick in the wallet and more sensical. 

Today before leaving the house I did pricing of some main items I saw pop up on Amazon(I have a gift card) and I made sure to bring that list to the store…  

I bought castile soap, liquid and bar form, which was cheaper than on amazon though not a huge difference.  I figure it is just a safer bet to by and personally transport my liquids as few of miles as possible because I have been disappointed by shipping that has resulted in less than stellar delivery and it is even more unsatisfactory when there is a liquid explosion inside of a box.  I opted for the lavender scented because I was, honestly, overwhelmed and I had an almost 3 year old with me and he was getting impatient with my walking up and down the aisles.

I also picked up 20 Mules Borax at the store, this one being a massive price difference.  I guess they were trying to look cute on amazon by saying free s&h and including it in the price, but the same size box on Amazon that was at Target was roughly 8 dollars more.  That is significant when you realize that I spent 3 dollars and change at Target.  Because of this, I have decided to put buying washing soda on hold.  I assume it will be the same deal where they multiply the total to cover shipping costs even though it is likely sitting on a grocery store shelf near my house and I hate paying to ship things that I can just remember to grab when I go to get groceries.

I did put in a small order on Amazon: three bars of Fels Naptha, oxygen bleach, a 4 ounce glass spray bottle, and magnesium flakes. 

I feel confident that I have most of the things that I will need headed here or within a few miles of my house.  I don’t have many essential oils but that isn’t something I will worry about now.  Also, I don’t have many glass containers but as I convert to my homemade items, I am hoping to weed out the plastic and try to get a piece at a time rather than rush in.  

Today I did make a foaming hand soap and I hope to have the photos up and a blog posted tomorrow!  Good night!

A Change of the House

So, after being obsessed with Pinterest for quite a while and having a visit from a friend who makes her own products, I have decided to start making my own, too.  I will be testing out many ideas for cleaning supplies for around the house and also working on hand soaps, mouth wash, etc.  I will also be making magnesium oil!  

I am also really interested in trying out homemade vanilla extract and my mom was telling me about some vodka she had at her house.  I am a total old lady so I keep a few beers in the fridge for when I am feeling nuts and decide to drink one (but mostly because I like to cook with beer).

One of the first steps I need to take is changing from plastic containers to glass.  I guess I could store some things in mason jars but I need to get the pumps, etc and a good idea of the size of containers.


I am really excited to start this all and to post my fun and findings on this blog!  Who knows, maybe one of your recipes will show up!