A Change of the House

So, after being obsessed with Pinterest for quite a while and having a visit from a friend who makes her own products, I have decided to start making my own, too.  I will be testing out many ideas for cleaning supplies for around the house and also working on hand soaps, mouth wash, etc.  I will also be making magnesium oil!  

I am also really interested in trying out homemade vanilla extract and my mom was telling me about some vodka she had at her house.  I am a total old lady so I keep a few beers in the fridge for when I am feeling nuts and decide to drink one (but mostly because I like to cook with beer).

One of the first steps I need to take is changing from plastic containers to glass.  I guess I could store some things in mason jars but I need to get the pumps, etc and a good idea of the size of containers.


I am really excited to start this all and to post my fun and findings on this blog!  Who knows, maybe one of your recipes will show up!


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