Today I’ve started purchasing the items I will be using in my upcoming posts for homemade, natural cleaners and beauty products.  I am trying to stick to recipes that have similar ingredients making the start up cost a little less of a kick in the wallet and more sensical. 

Today before leaving the house I did pricing of some main items I saw pop up on Amazon(I have a gift card) and I made sure to bring that list to the store…  

I bought castile soap, liquid and bar form, which was cheaper than on amazon though not a huge difference.  I figure it is just a safer bet to by and personally transport my liquids as few of miles as possible because I have been disappointed by shipping that has resulted in less than stellar delivery and it is even more unsatisfactory when there is a liquid explosion inside of a box.  I opted for the lavender scented because I was, honestly, overwhelmed and I had an almost 3 year old with me and he was getting impatient with my walking up and down the aisles.

I also picked up 20 Mules Borax at the store, this one being a massive price difference.  I guess they were trying to look cute on amazon by saying free s&h and including it in the price, but the same size box on Amazon that was at Target was roughly 8 dollars more.  That is significant when you realize that I spent 3 dollars and change at Target.  Because of this, I have decided to put buying washing soda on hold.  I assume it will be the same deal where they multiply the total to cover shipping costs even though it is likely sitting on a grocery store shelf near my house and I hate paying to ship things that I can just remember to grab when I go to get groceries.

I did put in a small order on Amazon: three bars of Fels Naptha, oxygen bleach, a 4 ounce glass spray bottle, and magnesium flakes. 

I feel confident that I have most of the things that I will need headed here or within a few miles of my house.  I don’t have many essential oils but that isn’t something I will worry about now.  Also, I don’t have many glass containers but as I convert to my homemade items, I am hoping to weed out the plastic and try to get a piece at a time rather than rush in.  

Today I did make a foaming hand soap and I hope to have the photos up and a blog posted tomorrow!  Good night!


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