Mean Green Juice


Mean Green Juice

Breakfast today, thank you juicer. Much tastier than I thought possible!! I kept the lemon whole and it gave it a nice zing. My lemons are grown in my backyard and has a lot less pith than any I have seen in the grocery store, so it may play out differently for other people.


Changing the Game

I’ve been working out like CRAZY!!!!!  I’m on fitocracy and this month a group I am in with only a few members has decided to have a free-for-all challenge.  Basically, it is a race to see who gets the most points by the end of the month.  I’ve been digging deep and working out as often as I can squeeze it in and magically I have pushed to number one!!  Though, I am pretty sure it is only because a runner has been sick twice this month, I’m still pretty proud.

One thing I have grown very annoyed with is the lack of movement on the scale.  Angry.  Agitated.  Possessed by hate demons.  The list goes on…  I have been losing inches which is great and moving in the right direction, just the pounds are not moving.

This month while working out, I’ve started watching a lot of documentaries and it’s become very clear that I am just not eating healthy enough. Not enough veggies and not enough fruit.  I feel like I am been concentrating on the main course, meat 99.9% of the time and vegetables are just steamed and tossed on the plate because ‘I’m s’posed to’.  These documentaries were all pointing at the same thing, veggies are way more important than the meat portion of my meal, which should be decreased.  Half of my plate should be veggies, at least.

I’ve decided to make a few changes to help accommodate this.  First being that I’ve starting juicing for breakfast.  As much as I’d love to go on a juicing fast it is not an option because I still nurse my youngest and I don’t want him to be effected by possible toxins which may arise.  I figure if I do my breakfast in juice form, I’m getting a jump start on my day and every vegetable and fruit counts, right?  Also, I haven’t had poultry or red meat in 5 days, opting for seafood, occasionally.

Guess who has already lost almost 5 pounds!!  A huge thing since I am pretty close to my pre-pregnancy weight of 135lbs and I only have 8lbs left to go!! (Although, I am pretty sure I am pretty close to my pre-pregnancy size inch-wise already, just I have a lot more muscle than I did 3 years ago)

Anyone out there have any juicing recipes that they love?

I’d love to hear from any and everyone!!