Tis the Season for DIY


Tis the Season for DIY

Super easy, quick and fun Christmas d.i.y. with the kids today. Inexpensive and can be made into a sweet treat to hand out to tons of people, making each gift costs less than a dollar. Toss in a nice cellophane bag and throw a bow on it and you’ll brighten a lot of days with minimal blow to your wallet! Also, the work labor is cheap because you can pay them in decorated pretzels.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Melt chocolate or get the chocolate melts at your local store(they come in a ton of colors and flavors, so I totally recommend). Melt your choice following the instructions on the bag and then hand dip each pretzel and place on parchment while your children go nuts and throw sprinkles all over the place!! (I rolled up towels and placed around the edges of the parchment so nothing would go ricocheting across the room and I wouldn’t be sweeping up sprinkles all the way until 2014.)
Wait until cool and dry and then tuck them away between layers of parchment or throw them right in our cellophane bags and head right out the door.

Make sure you dip the broken pretzels in the chocolate and eat them. This verifies nothing is poisonous and this is a necessary step in the making. I promise.



Yesterday, we had decided to work on the yard.  While I was weeding in the front yard, my husband was attacking poisonous spiders that were hiding along our car port.  We were very successful, including busting out the weed whacker and trimming up one set of palm trees.

In other news, while I was kneeling and pulling weeds, I heard two young boys, around 11 or 12, making all of this racket– screeching and hollering.  They were on their bikes and slowly pedaling up the road towards me.  As they closed in, I heard the one boy say to the other, “I beatbox like a pro, you beatbox like my mom.”  To which his friend laughed and said that his friend was funny.  My heart then proceeded to shatter when the first boy started to “beatbox” in a manner that make me think of the ever horrifying Skrillex.

I feel so sorry for this generation of children growing up that have absolutely NO idea of what beatboxing really is and if they ride by making that noise again, I may push their bikes over.

Homemade Pretzels

I was so excited to pin a recipe for homemade soft pretzels since I have always been a closet addict.  Sadly, the recipe just didn’t work for my taste buds.  I did have a fun time making them and my youngest joined me in the kitchen and mostly just ripped at the dough and balled it up.  I really wish that the recipe worked out better for me and was tastier but it was still very fun to do this with my youngest!  It is family-fun type food that could be a great pairing for something like a family movie night!  Search your recipes and try it out!Image

I am counting it as practice for when I find a recipe that makes me wanna kiss my oven!