Hand Embroidery….

I’m a noob to hand embroidery…I have done it a handful of times and I haven’t touched my needles for almost a year…but I love to create and I wanted to do something that didn’t include yarn.

PLUS, when I do something, I need to super do it.

You’ve been warned….

Day 1


day 3


It is a work in progress and right now, this last photo is where I am. It started as a tracing of a beautiful image of a flamenco dancer I found using google and now it is turning into something much more. I have turned her dress into a rose and I may actually put two in there. I don’t know how it will turn out, since I’m free handing on and off.

It is nice to be so excited for a project and slowly creating something that is beautiful. I don’t think there is nothing better than creating something from nothing.